Gorka: Whistleblower ‘Deepest of Deep-State Operatives’


Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told Newsmax TV on Friday that the whistleblower who complained about President Donald Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine is a “fake” and “the deepest of deep-state operatives.”

“This whistleblower isn’t a whistleblower,” Gorka said told “America Talks Live” Friday afternoon, dismissing the idea of they deserve whistleblower protections. 

“You’re not a whistleblower if you break whistleblower law by privately, covertly colluding with the chairman of the intelligence committee when you’re a Democrat, a registered Democrat, he’s a Democrat,” he continued.

“And then you secretly get together in a cabal to cook up some fake whistleblower complaint, and you can’t be a whistleblower if you don’t see corruption. If you are hearing things second- or third-hand, then the statute doesn’t apply to you,”…



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