The FBI is still illegally spying on American citizens — and Attorney General Barr needs to stop it from happening again


By Robert Romano

As the nation patiently awaits the Justice Department Inspector General report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court abuses that occurred in 2016 when President Donald Trump and his campaign were falsely accused of being Russian agents by the Obama administration’s intelligence agencies and Justice Department, the American people now know that at least some of those abuses continued well after Obama left office through 2018, according to now-declassified court documents.

Per Judge James Boasberg’s opinion, “the Court finds that the FBI’s querying procedures do not comply with the requirement at Section 702(f)(1)(B) to keep records of U.S.-person query terms used to conduct queries of information acquired under Section 702.”

And, “The Court next examines the prevalence of non-compliant queries conducted by FBI personnel to return information about U.S. persons from…



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