15 Law Schools That Trained Famous Lawyers


See the law schools that trained influential attorneys.

A law degree often leads to a career in politics or government. Many people apply to law school with the hope that their legal credentials will allow them to become powerful judges or politicians, while others dream of becoming great trial attorneys or appellate litigators who can fight and win contentious legal battles. Aspiring lawyers who dream of shaping public policy or influencing society may want to follow the path of one of the following famous attorneys. Keep reading to find out where 15 prominent lawyers attended law school.

Floyd Abrams

Law school where he earned his law degree: Yale Law School in Connecticut

U.S. News law school rank: 1

Floyd Abrams — an appellate attorney who specializes in media law and the First Amendment — has argued before the Supreme Court many times, and his legal arguments have been integrated into multiple Supreme Court…



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