Kamala Harris Gloriously Claps Back at Donald Trump Jr.’s Insults – Rolling Stone


President Donald Trump’s eldest son was up to his usual antics on Twitter on Friday night. Donald Trump Jr. loves to revel in right-wing memes, perhaps in a desperate attempt to finally win daddy’s love, and so he shared a video compilation of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to try to mock her for… laughing? At her own jokes? Apparently this is a problem?

It’s a weak critique at best, but Harris’s retort to Don Jr. was brutally perfect: “You wouldn’t know a joke if it raised you,” the senator tweeted.

It’s a safe bet that Harris laughed pretty uproariously at that one, and rightfully so. But she wasn’t alone. Plenty of people, including director Ava Duverney, weighed in to congratulate her on her sick burn.



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