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Hello, free press. Anyone home?

Our state’s open meetings law protects an activity “that is a source of strength to our nation, and must be protected at all costs.”

That was the counsel of the California Legislature’s Interim Committee on Judiciary in 1953, as the state legislators prepared to enact our state’s open meetings law, the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Today, or at least as of Jan. 14, 1990, “the Brown Act is violated constantly by California public bodies of every stripe,” according to the Daily Press editorial of that date.

Yet according to the First Amendment Coalition website, after being in effect 66 years, with that precious law “violated constantly by public bodies of every stripe,” nobody has been convicted of violating the Brown Act.

That Daily Press editorial suggested the reason that law is violated constantly was because “it has no teeth.”

A razor sharp set of teeth,…



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