Warren’s Plan to Spurn Big Money Donors Has a Catch


Clinton was always more at home palling around with the big donor network than Warren seems to be—though Warren’s Senate campaign saw her host intimate steakhouse fundraisers for big donors too, Clinton had many years more experience of floating amongst the moneyed elite. She was also personally wealthy, obscenely so. But the problem remains: Warren intends to make raising money from the elite an important part of her political project.

What is the problem with raising money from millionaires and billionaires? First and most obviously, it matters because of the risk that candidates will change their policies in office in order to ensure future donations: If you piss off Jeff Millionaire too much, he won’t donate to you. Similarly, if your proposed policies during the election are too much for Jeff, he won’t write that check. Now, it seems very unlikely that many big donors would think Warren a good…



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