Skittish Congress Will Fight Legitimate Hoax Probe


News broke late yesterday that John Durham, the veteran U.S. Attorney based in Connecticut who has been assigned to investigate the perpetrators of the “Russian-collusion hoax,” is expanding his staff’s focus and numbers.

It is absolutely predictable that this news will further panic already skittish congressional Democrats. Expect them to respond by ramping up their party’s well-honed ability — aided and abetted by the mainstream media — to deflect attention from Mr. Durham’s inquiry by intensifying their kangaroo-court-style Trump impeachment proceedings.

Fortunately, the White House Counsel has just forcefully challenged the legitimacy of Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment gambit.

Notably, she hasn’t sought — let alone secured — a vote by the full House of Representatives to begin a formal impeachment inquiry into the President.

As a result, he and the chamber’s…



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