Lawyers decry lack of justice for jailed activist Kavala in Turkey


SILIVRI, Turkey — Lawyers for philanthropist Osman Kavala, held in solitary confinement for nearly two years on charges he financed anti-government protests, may skip future hearings in protest, exasperated with what they call a disregard for the law in a politically motivated case.

A court on Tuesday refused to release Kavala, who is spending his 708th day in prison, citing the seriousness of the alleged offenses and his potential flight risk. He is the only suspect in the case imprisoned during the trial, despite facing the same grave allegations as his 15 co-defendants. They face life in prison if convicted on charges of terrorism and seeking the violent overthrow of the government.

Kavala is now set to spend at least another 10 weeks in prison because the court adjourned until Dec. 24. At the hearing, he and eight other defendants were questioned about their efforts in 2013 to save a…



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