Trump nominee Michael Pack used nonprofit donations to fund media firm


Michael Pack

Source: US Senate

President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead a federal media organization has been funding his own private film company with donations from a nonprofit that he runs.

Michael Pack, a conservative filmmaker, saw at least $1.6 million in donations from his nonprofit sent into the coffers of his independent production company, Manifold Productions, according to disclosure forms reviewed by CNBC.

Since 2011, Pack’s nonprofit, the Public Media Lab, has listed only Manifold as the benefactor of these donations and consistently describes the purpose of the grant as “for the production of educational films.” That includes the latest filing from 2017, when the group wrote a $300,000 check to Manifold.

That year, Public Media Lab received $900,000 in contributions.The nonprofit’s mission statement focuses on receiving and awarding grants that will develop and support educational documentary films…



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