Sen Graham Calls On Pentagon For Strong Response To Iran


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in a series of tweets on Friday has urged the Pentagon not to think of a limited response to Iran in the wake of attacks on Saudi oil facilities.

Graham who had urged a militarily response against Iran one day after the September 14 attacks, criticized President Donald Trump on September 17 for not having ordered a retaliation.

In today’s tweets Graham, who is a supporter of the president, does not directly criticize Trump but directs his words to “Pentagon planners”, urging them to offer the president a wide range of options.

“When it comes to Iran we have lost deterrence. To Pentagon planners: a weak response over this outrageous Iranian aggression only invites more aggression. It will also eventually lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Be Strong Now or pay a Bigger Price Later”, Graham wrote in one tweet.

Concern has risen among analysts and the…



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