On Iran, Trump Is All Talk, and Thank God for That – Rolling Stone


Open newspapers this week, and you’ll see hand-wringing galore. Supposedly we’re about to go to war with Iran, suspected in last weekend’s unmanned bombing of the world’s largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia.

“The Middle East is on the brink,” warns The Guardian.

“We’re a lot closer to war than you’ve been told,” says The Daily Beast.

“We are at the predictable brink of an even wider war,” says Ben Rhodes, former national security aide to Barack Obama.

Maybe war will happen. The capital is loaded with people who want one, and “regime change” in Iran has for ages been an adolescent fixation of hawks on the Hill. Those armchair conquerors are well represented in the Trump administration, even after the recent ouster of warmonger extraordinaire John Bolton.

But is Donald Trump himself beating the drum for war? Please. In remarks to reporters about Iran Monday in…



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