Abcarian: Think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren aren’t electable? Try talking to striking GM auto workers


Next to the picket line outside the Flint, Mich., GM assembly plant three days into the strike, American cars were whizzing by, drivers honking like crazy to signal their support.

Every entrance into the massive plant was blocked by strikers, furious that the sacrifices they made a decade ago to keep GM afloat are not being rewarded now that the company is on a healthy financial footing.

“GM, we invested in you,” says a banner hung outside one United Auto Workers local. “Now it’s your turn to invest in us!”

Democrats hoping to woo back blue-collar whites should be paying very close attention to the mood here. The presidential candidates have united behind the strikers, a good sign. President Trump has offered only tepid encouragement.

“I am proud to support the @UAW workers who are standing up to the greed of GM,” Bernie Sanders tweeted Sunday. “Our message to GM is a simple one: End the greed,…



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