Sanders bets Biden’s Iraq War vote a liability like it was for Clinton in 2008


HOUSTON — Bernie Sanders is betting Joe Biden’s support for the Iraq War is still the same type of political vulnerability that helped sink Hillary Clinton in 2008, her first presidential bid.

Sanders at the Thursday night debate was the only candidate to attack the former vice president on his vote, as a Delaware senator in 2002, for the congressional resolution in authorizing the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq.

On Thursday evening, the vice president was asked pointedly by moderator David Muir about whether he would support withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, even if it risked having a terrorist group such as ISIS fill the void.

In his response, Biden pivoted to his role in the run-up to the Iraq War, once again saying he opposed President George W. Bush’s leadership immediately after the invasion.

“With regard to Iraq, the fact of the…



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