Joe diGenova accuses John Brennan of being ‘father of all leaks’ about Kremlin informant


Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova accused ex-CIA Director John Brennan of being the “father of all leaks” about a CIA informant close to the Kremlin.

Calling for an investigation into Brennan, diGenova said the vocal Trump critic is the source behind the “fraudulent” NBC News story about a possible Russian spy living openly in a suburb of Washington, D.C., and other reports.

“As part of the Russia hoax, they needed to create the image that somehow this information had gotten out from Putin about influencing the election. So John Brennan created the myth of this guy whose initials are O.S. And who lives in Virginia,” diGenova said Tuesday evening on Fox News during a panel with host Laura Ingraham and attorney Alan Dershowitz.

“And who bought a house in his own name and lives openly and notoriously,” he continued. “Now when the CIA brings back a real asset, do you know…



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