Opinion: President Trump′s critics fall silent | Opinion | DW


It is a memorable retreat for National Security Adviser John Bolton after a year and a half in office. Known as a “hawk,” he was a foreign policy hardliner, who always openly demanded military strikes and who, above all, was decidedly against any form of diplomacy with political opponents.

As tough as his positions were, John Bolton was also someone who always stood in the way of President Trump’s impulsiveness. With him gone, another critical voice falls silent in Trump’s circle and will probably be replaced, as has often been the case before, with a loyalist.

Changing the Cabinet in record time

Take Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who refused to dismiss the inconvenient special counsel Robert Mueller and declared himself compromised in the Russia investigations. Urged to step down, President Trump replaced him with the far more agreeable William Barr, who immediately caused an outcry from the Democrats…



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