More Fake News on Kremlin Informant — The Patriot Post


The Deep State is at it again.  

CNN reporter Jim Sciutto broke a story Monday alleging that the CIA was forced to extract a high-level Kremlin informant out of Moscow because President Trump was careless with classified information in the presence of the Russian ambassador and foreign minister. 

Sciutto, by the way, is a former Obama appointee. But we’re told there’s no bias at the Clinton News Network! Not surprisingly, it turns out that the main thrust of Sciutto’s report — the focus on Trump — is entirely wrong. 

The CIA, which doesn’t like to comment on anything, issued a scathing statement blasting CNN’s reporting as “misguided,” “inaccurate,” and “simply false.” 

In fact, it was so bad that The New York Times ran its own report refuting CNN. 

The truth is that the decision to “exfiltrate” this agent out of Russia was made in 2016 — before Trump was…



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