Matthew Hensley: Why we write about gun violence | News


Every time we use the phrase “gun violence,” we find ourselves taking flak.

We hear the same argument for why we are in error: The firearm can’t be blamed for a projectile leaving its muzzle, traveling 2,500 feet per second toward someone and ending a life. The gun, after all, can’t pull its own trigger.

We’ve also heard the presumption that we’re tying guns to violence out of a desire to support gun control measures. I don’t recall having seen any allegations that we take our marching orders on this from George Soros — like he’s ever heard of the Index-Journal or Greenwood, South Carolina — but no one here would be surprised by such an accusation.

In reality, however, guns are an important part of this equation.

Have you ever heard of a home riddled with knives…



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