Lindsey Graham ‘Could Give a Crap’ About Alabama-NOAA Investigation, Says Trump ‘Can’t Do Anything Without Getting Criticized’


Senator Lindsey Graham brushed off the investigation into Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross over his alleged threat to fire senior NOAA officials over a National Weather Service tweet that contradicted President Donald Trump on Hurricane Dorian, calling it “garbage.”

The Office of Inspector General at the Commerce Department has opened a probe as The New York Times reported that Ross threatened to fire political staff at NOAA unless they reversed the embarrassment to Trump. The Commerce Department called the story false.

Trump had repeatedly claimed Hurricane Dorian was a threat to Alabama based on early forecasts. The National Weather Service in Birmingham tweeted, based on its most recent data, that Alabama was not in Dorian’s path, trying to dispel any public confusion.

“I could give a crap,” Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told Fox News host Brett Baier on Tuesday. “I could care less. This whole thing is a…



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