China’s Economy Will Shrink. Trade War Has No End In Sight.


Remember at the start of 2019 when you thought—meh, this trade war thing will end in a few months. You can’t win a trade war! President Trump will figure that out and come to his senses.


Maybe you can’t win a trade war. There will be pain from decoupling. But decoupling is happening. Just look at what the Pentagon and the Department of Defense thinks about China in this year’s Worldwide Threat Assessment and you already know where this is heading. Perhaps even Joe Biden can’t save China now.

See: A Big Mistake China’s Elites Make In Fighting The Trade War – Forbes

To some, the trade war is a “lose-lose” situation. It has already damaged relations between the two countries. “The feud not only has precipitated an economic decoupling of the United States and China, but also has pushed the overall bilateral relationship to its lowest point in half century,” writes professor Xiangfeng…



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