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The Oldenburg Academy Boys Tennis Team traveled to the Waldron Invitational on Saturday, August 24 and came away with one victory and one loss.  

Results as follows: Match # 1 vs Trinity Lutheran.  OA wins by a score of 5-0. 

#1 Singles:   Michael Wanstrath (OA) wins in 2 sets (6-0, 6-2) vs Jace Crockett (TL)

#2 Singles:   Jon Grieshop (OA) wins in 2 sets (6-2, 6-0) vs Noah Voelker (TL)

#3 Singles:  Drew Wagner (OA) wins in 2 sets (6-0, 6-1) vs Jerry Jiang (TL)

#1 Doubles:  Jacob Sheets/Patrick Thompson (OA) win in 2 sets (6-1,6-1) vs Jack VonDielingen/Cameron Gruenwald (TL)

#2 Doubles:  Riley Schebler/Ethan Back (OA) win in 2 sets (6-0, 6-1) vs Nathan Voelker/Henry Hall (TL)


 Championship Match vs Knightstown.   Knightstown wins by a score of 3-2.

#1 Singles: Michael Wanstrath (OA) loses in 2 sets (5-7, 5-7) vs Garrett Dalton (KT)

#2 Singles: Jon Grieshop (OA) loses in 2 sets (4-6, 2-6) vs…



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