The Democrap Party Is…”Overstocked”…with Criminals! – Artvoice


Are your heads spinning yet? I know what the problem is…there are simply too many Demcraps who are criminals! Who do we charge…Hillary,sure…Comey?yup…how about Brennan and Clapper? Oh, yea…well what about Lynch, Holder, Obama and Sally Yates? yes, yes, yup and sure!

Should we stop there? Hell no…there’s still, Powers, Rice, Cheryl Mills, Podesta, Abedine, Ohr (both),Strzok, McCabe, Page, Rosenstein, Weismann( Mr. Mule team himself), oh my goodness I almost forgot Joe…you know “sleepy Joe Biden”, Mr. “dumb as a bag of rocks” himself?

Another oh, my goodness, who could forget Ms. IRS herself… Lois Lerner?

You see that’s why I say we are “Overstocked” with Democrap criminals…you thought I was talking about Pat! Pat Bryne, the former CEO of Overstocked! Well that’s a good point because when the Attorney General of the United States puts Major Criminal…



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