FBI Director Might Bury Parts Of Report On Obama FISA Abuses


I know we’ve been waiting a long time for the Department of Justice’s inspector general on the alleged FISA abuses that occurred under the Obama administration. It was supposed to be released this summer. Now, it’s due out in early September. The contents might not send anyone from the Obama DOJ to jail, but it will reaffirm what we have been saying for quite some time: that the FBI was allegedly spying on Trump officials, that the meddling of the most concern was really coming from the J. Edgar Hoover Building, and that the Trump dossier was known to be biased, mostly unverified, but also cited as credible evidence in the securing of a spy warrant against Carter Page, Trump’s former foreign policy adviser. The sitting president used the DOJ to place the presidential campaign of the opposing party under surveillance. That’s pretty deep state-ish right there.

Based on the report on Russian…



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