Electoral College: Appeals court says Colorado elector didn’t have to vote for Hillary Clinton


“The text of the Constitution makes clear that states do not have the constitutional authority to interfere with presidential electors who exercise their constitutional right to vote for the President and Vice President candidates of their choice,” the federal appeals court in Colorado wrote in an opinion published Tuesday.

A state law in Colorado had forced its members of the presidential electoral college to vote in 2016 for the statewide winner, which was Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

One elector had cast his vote for then Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich, causing the state to throw out his electoral vote. Two other Colorado electors who wanted to vote for Kasich then voted for Clinton.

The Kasich supporters sued Colorado in December 2016 for violating the US Constitution, according to the case file. A state court found the removal of the voter was proper just before their votes were cast officially that…



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