US Senators Urge to Release Full Results of Jeffrey Epstein Probe Amid Reports About Autopsy Results


Earlier, US Attorney General William Barr pledged to continue a probe into Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide, warning that “any co-conspirators should not rest easy”. The 66-year-old’s death caused multiple conspiracy theories due to Epstein’s powerful connections.

In a letter to US Attorney General William Barr, Republican Senators Ron Johnson Chuck Grassley urged him to make public the results of an investigation in accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide.

“We fully support your call for a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding Mr. Epstein’s death. True accountability, however, especially for the victims of Mr. Epstein, requires full transparency”, the senators pointed out.

They called on Barr to “make the results of the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] and IG [Inspector General] investigations public as soon as they are completed”, also…



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