Why Trump tweeted a conspiracy smear against Hillary Clinton — and why it won’t work – Alternet.org


When Donald Trump retweeted a malicious fantasy about the apparent suicide of imprisoned pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, he wasn’t merely entertaining his deluded fans. Trump’s conspiratorial canard — with attendant promotion by Russian bots, American alt-rightists and far-right media — was plainly designed to deflect attention from his own embarrassing associations with Epstein.

For him to insinuate the Clintons are responsible for Epstein’s demise was brazenly absurd. Were Bill and Hillary supposed to have sent a team of ninjas to lower Manhattan? In reality, the dead financier was an inmate of the Metropolitan Corrections Center, a facility overseen by Trump’s Justice Department, headed by Attorney General William Barr. And while an outraged Barr shifts responsibility down the chain, he is the nation’s top law enforcement official, with the means to prevent the suicide of the most…



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