Trump’s often overlooked legacy: Judicial nominees for U.S. courts | 2019-08-06


President Donald Trump tweets so frequently that he often dominates the daily news cycle in ways that can make even the most astute observer wonder what he’s up to. But there’s one area where he’s been focused on creating a legacy that could have impact for years to come: Selecting new, more conservative judges for federal courts.

“People have no idea how quickly he’s managed to change the judiciary,” says Michael Formica, Assistant Vice President, Domestic Affairs & Counsel for the National Pork Producers Council.

Gary Baise, a principal at OFW Law and co-head of the firm’s litigation practice, agrees.

“Trump understands how important judges are for a common-sense approach,” he says. “For agriculture, this means that environmentalists and some of the activist groups who like to sue because they can’t get their way in Congress or the regulatory system will lose a vital…



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