No Rules to Stop the Growing Threats of Cyber War, Online Activity Continues – The Connect News


People around the world are worried about the tension between the US and Iran. There are fears of war between the two. On June 20, after Iran’s American drone was dropped, the US military made a cyber-attack on Iran’s computer system. Two days later, the Department of Internal Security reported that there was an increase in malicious cyber activity against US industry by hackers belonging to Iran. If seen, both countries are already at war.

Rapidly growing cyber-attacks are proving to be a test for future warfare. Compared to traditional military combat, the problem of computer disturbances is not noticed. But, there are new dangers associated with it. There are no international rules to control digital battles. Its target may be industry, infrastructure and common citizens. “There is no acceptable definition of a cyber-attack,” said James Clapper, former director of US National Intelligence….



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