Law enforcement is worried about all the violent crimes Trump is inspiring


Trump’s name has been invoked in connection with at least 36 violent crimes.

A new report from ABC News has revealed that, in at least 36 criminal cases, Trump’s name was invoked in connection with violence, assault, or the threat of violence.

“In nine cases, perpetrators hailed Trump in the midst or immediate aftermath of physically attacking innocent victims,” the outlet reported on Tuesday.

In 10 cases, perpetrators of violence “cheered or defended Trump,” while in another 10 cases “Trump and his rhetoric were cited in court to explain a defendant’s violent or threatening behavior.”

The network said it could not find a single criminal case where the names of former Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush were invoked in the same way Trump has been.

The connection worries law enforcement officials.

“Federal law enforcement authorities have privately told ABC News they worry…



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