Watch Dems, Media Predictions of Trump Impeachment for Collusion


It’s Schadenfreude Saturday, the day after a report was given to the Justice Department by special counsel Robert Mueller that was supposed to sound the death knell of the Trump presidency.

In a very big way, the crow-eating by Democrats, liberal pundits, and various loony lefties was entirely predictable. Trump was a “Russian agent,” went one prominent storyline. He conspired with Putin to steal the election. He’s a crook and is going to jail. He violated campaign finance laws and will be thrown into the hoosegow.

For two years, the hysteria has built to unbearable levels. But one thing was certain; whatever Mueller had, it would be enough to impeach the president.

Watch as these Democrats confidently predict Trump’s downfall. Wouldn’t you love to have seen their faces yesterday?

The narrative has shifted today, of course. Now, Democrats are demanding the immediate release of Mueller’s report. The New York Times



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