Lindsey Graham expresses support for ‘red flag’ laws


Sen. Lindsey Graham threw his support behind “red flag” laws in the aftermath of two mass shootings during a Monday interview with Martha MacCallum.

The ability to take guns away from individuals who, after having their day in court, present a danger to themselves or others enables police to better do their jobs, the South Carolina Republican argued.

Graham also said he disagrees with people who say “red flag” laws violate the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unlawful searches and seizures, and the 14th Amendment, which ensures due process.

“There are plenty of judicial proceedings every day in America where somebody is adjudged to be a danger to themselves and others and they’re put into a mental health facility. That goes on all the time, so that process would apply to gun ownership,” Graham explained.

“Nobody’s going to lose their gun…



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