Donald Trump, conspiratorialist in chief


But Donald Trump — well, as he himself has noted in another context, there has never been a president like President Trump. He has made the White House conspiracy-theory central. His latest descent into kookiness came over the weekend, when he retweeted a suggestion that Bill Clinton was somehow behind the death of accused sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein, who died in prison on Saturday of what federal officials call “an apparent suicide.”

But Trump doesn’t just traffic in conspiracy theories. He weaponizes those unhinged assertions — and by so doing, encourages his diehard supporters to follow him deep into the rabbit hole of irrationality. Take his oft-repeated assertions that federal investigators have long been engaged in a conspiracy against him. If supposed “Deep State” actors had been determined to do in Trump, why didn’t they, before the 2016 election, leak word to several high profile…



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