Fox & Friends dredges up lies about Uranium One and Andrew McCabe’s wife to defend Trump against investigations


STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well, you know, the one thing about the fact that he has revealed that apparently there were these chats between him and [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein and others regarding using 25th Amendment to get rid of the president of the United States, you know, you would think that the administration would love that because it continues the narrative that is out there that there’s a deep state out there at the highest reaches of government that are working against the president. And then, when you see [former Deputy Director FBI] Andy McCabe on television saying, “Yeah, I had this conversation, we were trying to figure out how to do it,” the president and his team say, “See, that’s exactly what we’ve been talking about the last two years. There is a deep state and he is proving it.”  

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): He has not had a good answer to the question of why his wife…



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