PokerStars All In Cash Out Feature To Lower Variance


PokerStars tests “All In Cash Out” feature. Triton Poker London just a day away. Find these stories and more in the Tuesday Hit and Run.

PokerStars trials All In Cash Out

PokerStars is currently trialing a new feature called “All In Cash Out” at play money games that will reduce variance. The new feature, which is expected to roll out to real money tables, enables a player in an all-in situation to “cash out” their equity in the hand or continue the hand. PokerStars would charge a 1% administrative fee should the player choose the Cash Out feature.

The decision to resume the hand or cash out will not impact the outcome of the hand and can be done by any player who is all-in. If an all-in player who cashes out wins the hand, the proceeds will be collected by PokerStars. Players can expect the feature to be added to No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit…



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