Washington Monthly | In William Barr, Trump Has Found His Roy Cohn


In January of 2018, while Jeff Sessions was still the attorney general, sources told Michael Schmidt of the New York Times that Trump was lamenting that the top law enforcement officer in the country wasn’t protecting him the way he expected and asked “Where is my Roy Cohn?” Robert Mueller reported something similar.

On March 3, 2017 the day after Sessions’s recusal, McGahn was called into the Oval Office. Other advisors were there, including Priebus and Bannon. The President opened the conversation by saying, “I don’t have a lawyer.” The President expressed anger at McGahn about the recusal and brought up Roy Cohn, stating that he wished Cohn was his attorney.

It bears repeating that this president is so clueless about our system of justice that he thinks the attorney general should be his own personal attorney and fixer. That alone should…



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