When Janie Met Jerry – California Globe


As the California Globe noted, movie star Jane Fonda, 81, has given nearly $300,000 to Democrat federal candidates over the last 20 years. The recipients include Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and now $1,000 for presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar.

The allegedly “moderate” Minnesotan is an unlikely choice for the “progressive icon” Fonda, who never ran for office but was “married to anti-war activist and Chicago Seven defendant Tom Hayden when he challenged incumbent U.S. Senator John Tunney in the Democratic primary.” Hayden lost by 564,242votes, but this was not Jane Fonda’s only brush with California and national politics.

As the Globe article noted, during the reelection of Orange County’s Richard Nixon, Fonda was “photographed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.” One of the pilots the Communist regime shot down was Lee Ellis, author of Leading with Honor: Leadership…



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