Emu On The Run In North Carolina Eludes Captors For More Than 3 Weeks


An emu-at-large is becoming a local celebrity in North Carolina after eluding would-be captors for at least three weeks.

The large flightless bird, a species native to Australia, has been spotted periodically around the state’s Chatham and Orange counties since June 26, according to The News & Observer. It’s unclear exactly where the emu came from, though officials suspect the bird escaped from a farm.

“At this point, no owner has come forward,” Orange County Animal Services spokesperson Tenille Fox told HuffPost in an email.

The most recent reported sighting was Thursday, when the bird was seen “running through someone’s yard” near the line between the two counties, Fox said. Before that, the big bird’s location had been pinpointed in Chatham County last week, but “he/she fled as soon as officers arrived on the scene.”



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