Cal Thomas: Trump could set up Dems for defeat in 2020 by forcing them to embrace 4 radical congresswomen


The phrase “America, love it or leave it” has a pedigree dating back at least to the McCarthy era. In the 1970s, the phrase was employed again against those protesting America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The left has its own version, vowing to leave the country if a Republican is elected president. They rarely do.

President Trump resurrected the phrase by publicly slamming four freshmen congresswomen for their criticism of the United States and his policies. He suggested they “go back where you came from,” though they are all American citizens.

Whatever one thinks of the president’s remarks, the predictable “racist” charge was leveled at him because the four are women of color and two are Muslim. The president is setting Democrats up for what could be a major defeat in the 2020 election by forcing them to embrace (probably) these people and their statements, thus causing further fallout within the…



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