Billionaires are not going to rescue us


When billionaires advocate for social change, or adopt green issues, they are not doing so for the public good, but to reinforce an unequal status quo.

The billionaire class, rather than providing solutions for societal problems, are themselves part of the plutocratic system that is generating civilisational dislocation.

Let us dig deeper into this issue.

It is a telling sign of capitalist culture that we look to billionaires as inspirations for meaningful social change. The inequities of our times seem so intransigent that billionaires are presented in the corporate media as agents of public good who will put up their money to solve today’s problems.

Let us consider two typical examples that illustrate this type of naive expectation of billionaire-saviours.

CNN reported in 2014 that billionaire hedge fund tycoon Tom Steyer was funding candidates who were pro-science and in favour of environmental…



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