We’ve all had a nightmare boss but this one Trumps the lot – John Niven


There are certain life experiences so common that they unite us all.

Chuck Berry once said that he figured most people had been to school, been in love and driven a car.

So, if he wrote about school, love and cars, he’d probably touch a pretty common nerve.

So it goes with the nightmare boss. We’ve all had one.

You know the deal – no one can comprehend how this person has been elevated to the position that they occupy. They do not seem to understand either what the company does or what anyone else’s job involves. They demand total loyalty while they issue crazy, pointless orders and generally create chaos.


You also know the kind of talk such people inspire. Hushed whispers around the water cooler (‘You won’t believe what they said yesterday’) and angrier chat in the pub (‘They’re insane’).

And they inspire texts and emails where people vent and let off steam.

This was…



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