Trump’s far-right Twitter summit: the most bizarre highlights | US news


Donald Trump’s so-called social media summit on Thursday was off to an inauspicious start before it even began.

Just as a rogue’s gallery of Trumpist lawmakers, far-right propagandists, conspiracy theorists and YouTube agitators gathered at the White House for a collective airing of grievances, Twitter experienced a sudden outage.

It was entirely unrelated, of course, but the hour-long respite served as a foreboding introduction to the already uncanny proceedings, which were, supposed to focus on Trump and the right’s imagined slights and suppression they believe is engineered by social media companies.

Here are some of the “highlights” of one of the most unusual gatherings ever at the White House:

The guest list

The guest list itself was enough to alarm most observers.

Alongside Trump loyalist politicians like Matt Gaetz, Dan Crenshaw and Josh Hawley was a who’s who of social media weirdos and…



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