Senator Graham Spreads A Bunch Of Nonsense About ‘Protecting Digital Innocence’ Online


from the moral-panics dept

We warned last week that Senator Lindsey Graham was holding a “but think of the children online” moral panic hearing. Indeed, it happened. You can watch the whole 2 hours, but… I wouldn’t recommend it (I did it for you, though). Most of it is the usual moral panic, technologically illiterate nonsense we’ve all come to expect from Congress. Indeed, in a bit of good timing, the Pessimist’s Archive just tweeted out a clip of a 1993 Senate hearing in which then Senator Joe Lieberman flipped out about evil video games. Think about this, but two hours, and a wider array of nonsense:

It starts out with a prosecutor from South Carolina, Duffie Stone, moral panicking about basically everything. Encryption is evil. Children are being sex trafficked online. And, um, gangs are recruiting members with (gasp) music videos. Later he complains that some of those kids (gasp!) mock law…



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