Man-Made Global Warming Theory Takes Major Hit – FITSNews


In a marketplace of ideas that is supposed to be based on tolerance and respect for others’ beliefs, one firmly held conviction you are apparently not allowed to hold is that global warming isn’t real.

“So ubiquitous is the belief in man-made global warming (a.k.a. anthropogenic climate change) that to speak so much as a syllable against it is to open oneself up to hostility and ridicule,” we wrote in a post two years ago. “Climate change ‘deniers’ in our society are derided as tin foil hat-wearing troglodytes, unenlightened rubes with no business participating in the marketplace of ideas.”

“Climate change is science!” the liberal refrain goes.

And you had better believe it, or else. Furthermore, it is impossible to argue with global warming adherents because – as we often note – they see nothing but validation in every meteorological measurement.

Hot winters, cold summers … warm…



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