How Trump could win in 2020? Democrats nominate a very liberal candidate: 2020 elections


So how does Trump win a second term? The answer may be that the Democrats nominate a very liberal candidate, something Democratic voters seem willing to do.

Further, Harris, Sanders and Warren are considerably further left of the 43 House Democrats who won seats from Republicans in 2018 — the candidates who gave the Democrats their House majority.

The early evidence suggests that being seen as very left could make the difference. A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that Trump would beat a candidate perceived as a socialist by a 49% to 43% margin. That same poll gave Biden a 10-point advantage over Trump, while all the other top Democrats were either tied with (Warren), up by a point (Sanders) or up by 2 (Harris) over Trump. While some of this is likely because of name recognition — though, as I’ve noted before, Warren and Sanders are well known — the more liberal candidates have consistently done…



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