Houston Police Chief Torches Donald Trump Over ICE Raids: Chase Crooks, Not Cooks


Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo on Thursday explained how President Donald Trump’s plan to deploy Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to raid homes of undocumented immigrants is “creating havoc in our community.”

Acevedo told CNN’s Don Lemon that the U.S.-born children of immigrants had approached him at forums saying, “I’m afraid to go to school, I’m afraid to leave the house, I’m afraid to come home and find my parents are gone.”

“Those fears are real,” the chief said.

Raids by ICE agents are slated to start on Sunday, The New York Times reported. Trump had initially planned to launch them last month, but paused the operation in a bid to come up with a “solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border” with Democrats, he tweeted.

Acevedo said pronouncements like “we’re gonna go round up a million people” also pushed people “further into the…



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