Opinion | Nancy Pelosi and the Young Progressives


To the Editor:

ReA Fiery Pelosi Calls for Democratic Unity” (news article, July 11):

My politics — like those of the restless House Democrats — are liberal, but I can also do math.

Currently, Democrats control only one-sixth of the federal government — that is, one-half of one of our government’s three branches. Notwithstanding the encouraging gains in 2018, this is still a position of weakness. This tactical weakness will persist for the next 15 months, and we must ensure that it doesn’t last longer.

Democrats are now the party of ideas, even if some are wildly visionary, while Republicans offer only tax cuts and cruelty. We can trounce these guys in the next election. Take a breath. Take what you can get for now. Get ready.

Jim Klumpner
Silver Spring, Md.
The writer was a congressional staffer from 1987 to 2007.

To the Editor:

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