Starnes: I don’t want my Southern Baptist tithes supporting a George Soros-funded organization


Last week, a group of evangelical elites supporting relaxed immigration published an open letter insinuating President Donald Trump, the Trump administration and border patrol agents were mistreating children. Fox News Radio Host Todd Starnes fired back at the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table disputing the mainstream, secular media’s narrative of what is happening on the border. Starnes is a Southern Baptist and said, he would not support tithes going to support groups like this.

“So, I’m very concerned about this George Soros-funded organization, and I can tell you that as a Southern Baptist myself, you better believe I’m going to be making some calls to find out where my tithe money is going to because I sure hope it isn’t going to fund groups like that,” Starnes said on his radio program.

This is an important thing for all concerned Southern Baptists to do.

Call and let your pastor,…



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