Trump privately skeptical about military engagement with Iran despite oil ship attacks


The disconnect between Trump’s comments in the interview — in which he also warned that he would “certainly” go to war with Iran if the country develops nuclear weapons — and recent statements by Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton comes at a time of escalating military posturing between the two countries and heightened concerns about a confrontation.

Pompeo, speaking Tuesday after a visit to Central Command, the US military command center that oversees operations in the Middle East, said he’d coordinated with generals to make “sure we have the capability to respond If Iran makes a bad decision.”

Pompeo said he also discussed the Pentagon’s Monday announcement that the US will send 1,000 additional forces and more military resources to the Middle East, following the May deployment of a Navy strike group and a bomber task force to the region.
But over the past several weeks, Trump has maintained…



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