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I didn’t believe that Nancy Pelosi could possibly have a law degree because she is so ignorant of our law. Now I fully understand! She has a Bachelor of (F)arts Degree from Trinity College. A college that “creates leaders”…? Guess what Trinity — this time you really failed. She leads nothing but obstruction! She doesn’t understand our Rule of Law at all. She thinks she can create grounds for impeaching the President of the United States and make up nonsense charges. Since all else has failed, she has discovered a new non-legal term…“cover up”. Trump is now guilty of felonious cover up!!! There is no crime in US Code called “cover up”, but Trump did it anyways, according to the freaking Speaker of the House. Trinity… you must be proud!

That’s someone who should be impeached for total and complete criminal, felony, stupidity.

Special counsel Mueller reported that there is…



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