Pelosi Slams Trump for “Cruel” Healthcare Policies – USA Herald


Over the past few weeks, President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have publically gone back-and-forth with one another. This time, the latest matter of contention pertains to healthcare.

On Friday, the speaker of the House slammed Trump for “cruel” healthcare measures and furthermore claimed that the Trump administration has no regard for struggling families.

Reviewing Pelosi’s Statements on Trump-Era Healthcare

The Speaker of the House’s remarks on healthcare comes at a pivotal time. The president just issued an announcement to reduce healthcare fees and increase various options. Apparently, Pelosi believes that these measures are horrible and harmful to Americans.

Her statements in light of the aforementioned news read as follows:

“The president’s cruel hypocrisy knows no bounds. While he claims to want affordable coverage, his Justice Department is busy arguing that courts should…



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