CNN’s Camerota proudly admits ‘our job’ is to teach viewers how to ‘shut down’ conservative arguments Conservative News Today

(Image: screenshot)

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota exposed the agenda of the liberal media during a panel discussion on President Trump’s comments on accepting foreign information about political opponents.

Camerota joined others on “New Day” to react to Trump’s remarks made during an interview this week with ABC News, indignant that Republicans and Fox News would dare to focus on Hillary Clinton and her campaign soliciting dirt on the Trump campaign in 2016.

(Video: CNN)

“One of the things on the right the talking point you hear over and over again on Fox and you hear from the President’s surrogates, Hillary Clinton did it,” she said Friday.

“They hired Christopher Steele. I find this one to be mind scrambling. One — one went this way where a campaign or the DNC has a vetted source that they reach out to, another came in this way from a foreign adversary into the Trump Tower with who knows…



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